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About Vitech

ViTech Industries, Inc. was formed in late 1994, by a group of individuals dedicated to improvement of the environment in all aspects of plant growth technologies; soil bio-remediation; and water bio-remediation, in agriculture and other plant growth industries, as well as industries involved in water processing and management. The latter includes municipal waste treatment, livestock lagoon treatment, and other areas where environmental issues regarding waters are present. This mission directed at the health of mankind and the planet we live on. Our combined years of experience in plant physiology, genetics and microbiology associated with agricultural soil and plant nutrition technologies, in addition to biotech environmental technologies, provide a mechanism to pursue that goal.

Located in sunny South-central Arizona, the company has successfully developed a soil and plant nutrition system involving use of an environmentally friendly product line that incorporates essential microbiology, enzymology, and proprietary organic acid derived carbon complexing technologies for all essential mineral elements.

ViTech’s vital soil technology development program has made great strides in the bio-remediation of soils, especially those lacking a balanced microbial community.  This provides a solid foundation for optimum plant growth. In addition, crop specific nutrient programs provide maximum performance opportunities by effective application of readily absorbed nutrients to complete the cycle of the crop’s growth and subsequent harvest.

Recognizing the monumental role of microbiology in all aspects if life, ongoing research and development in the microbial and enzyme fields combined with the company’s proprietary base technologies will continue to keep Vitech in a leading edge position in plant nutrition technology. ViTech’s bio-remediation research has also enabled the company to provide essential products for environmental cleanup where soil, air and water pollution are a problem.

ViTech’s “Vital Technologies” are helping the world’s growing needs. 

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