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As the population of the Earth increases, so do the demands for food. This has dictated increased production of livestock and plant food crops, both for human and livestock consumption. In many cases, these higher demand induced increases have resulted in unfortunate decreases in crop quality as well as livestock quality. This has unfortunately affected the quality of consumable foods.  In addition, recent development of alternative fuel sources involving the production of Ethanol, Bio-diesel, and other fuels has created a shift in agriculture. Many crop producers have opted to grow crops that are utilized in the production of these fuels. The shifts in harvestable acreage to accommodate that emerging industry have placed additional production burdens on producers of food and feed crops.

In agriculture, healthier plants produce increased yields, higher yield quality, and subsequently, increased profits. Healthier plants will more successfully resist attack from disease, insects, and crowding by weeds. They will also resist the stresses of drought and other weather related problems. More important is the end result of higher quality foods made available for healthier living by people and animals.

Since 1994, ViTech Industries, Inc. has provided leading edge probiotic technology products directed at the advancement of soil and plant nutrition, as well as livestock nutrition. Operating under the premise that optimizing plant health starts with optimum soil conditions, ViTech  offers a line of liquid fertilizer products designed to enhance conditions for improvement of plant health, particularly in soil bio-remediation. This is done utilizing a combination of essential plant nutrients, enzymes, and micro-organisms along with naturally derived essential organic acids. This directly leads to more nutritious and healthy foods for the world’s growing needs.

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