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Elemental Products

Boron  Probiotic nutrient containing complexed Boron  (micro-nutrient)

More rapid growth. Strengthens cell walls by combining with Calcium to form pectin. Aids sugar transport within the plant. Reduces Nitrogen accumulation in the leaf. Acts as a  catalyst in metabolic reactions.

Calcium  Probiotic nutrient of complexed Calcium  (secondary nutrient)

Increases cell wall strength and elasticity. Retards insect and disease penetration. Reduces blade breakage. Rapid leaf absorption for repair to weak plants.

Cobalt   Probiotic nutrient containing complexed Cobalt  (micro-nutrient)

Improves nodulation in legumes. Slows uptake of toxin materials. Stimulates stress tolerance in plants. Aids survival in plants exposed to herbicides.

Copper   Probiotic nutrient containing complexed Copper (micro-nutrient)

Increases the metabolic rate. More rapid, uniform color and growth. Promotes broader more flat leaf structure. Acts as an enzyme activator.

Iron   Probiotic nutrient containing complexed Iron  (micro-nutrient)

Induces chlorophyll formation. Encourages better, healthier plant growth. Improves water and nutrient uptake. Part of ferrehome serrohemes complex. Catalyst in many metabolic processes.

Magnesium  Probiotic nutrient of complexed Magnesium (secondary nutrient)

Relieves chlorosis (yellowing). Enhances oil and fat formation, especially in potatoes.  Improves starch translocation. Readily absorbed into leaf tissue. Improves light absorption and respiration. Becomes part of chlorophyll.

Manganese  Probiotic nutrient of complexed Manganese  (micro-nutrient)

Catalyst to enhance plant respiration. Aids in releasing O2from water. Is readily absorbed by roots and leaves. Aids in chlorophyll syntheses. Stimulates formation of lateral roots. Acts as an enzyme activator.

Phosphate   Probiotic nutrient of complexed Phosphate   (major nutrient)

Provides a quick boost to growth. Is non-salt forming. Aids phosphorous update in high pH soils. Resists “tie-up” in soils. Aids energy flow from leaves to other plant parts. Aides phosphorous uptake in cold/water logged soils. Mixes readily with irrigation water, and most field chemicals. Helps clean and maintain irrigation systems.

Potassium    Probiotic nutrient of complexed Potassium  (major nutrient)

Provides quick response for leaf and soil intake. Resists “tie-up” to other chemicals and clay. Improves response to disease and insects. Speeds sugar and starch movement in plant. 

Silica   Complexed Silica for enhancing plant cell strength.    (non-nutrient)

Bonds to cell walls allowing greater elasticity. Increases tensile strength of stems and leaves. Acts as a physical barrier to infestation by disease and insects.

Sulfur  Probiotic nutrient of complexed Sulfur   (secondary nutrient)

Acts as an enzyme in plant growth. Integral part of true protein.

Zinc   Foliar nutrient containing complexed Zinc      (micro-nutrient)

Enhances CO assimilation. Enhance carbohydrate metabolism/starch formation. Used for metabolic activity in the foliage. Active as an enzyme in plant growth. Aids in the stable regulation of growth.

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