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Inquiries & Links

ViTech Industries, Inc. is currently seeking mutually rewarding business relationships to broaden its opportunities in the marketplace, both in the U.S. and abroad. The company is receptive to discussions with individuals or companies wishing to join our “family” as a representative, dealer, distributor, or other trade relationship. The company is also receptive to discussions regarding the supply of products under a “private label name” basis, or as a value added ingredient to enhance an existing product, whether liquid or dry. 

ViTech welcomes all inquiries for those seeking technical information, available dealers or distributors in your area, or general information on the technology or products. Please contact us at:

  • Phone:                 520-568-4313
  • Fax:                      520-568-4457
  • Postal:                  ViTech Industries, Inc.
  •                               P.O. Box 604
  •                               Maricopa, AZ 85139


LEGEND TECHNICAL SERVICES     Laboratory analysis services for Plant Tissue and Soil sample testing.

WASHINGTON STATE                               State of Washington stringent regulatory compliance information including ViTech Products analysis.

CHEMICAL ELEMENTS                        Excellent reference source for the periodic table and chemical elements data.

U.S. DEPARTMENT of AGRICULTURE       Home page of the USDA with links throughout the government branch. Lots of good information.

FUTURES MARKET INFO                        Source for daily, weekly, monthly charts on futures market, including grains, livestock, metals, etc.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL                  Weather information and forecasts.

COMPUTERIZED FARMING                 Eastern Idaho based full service crop production service and a distributor of ViTech Products.

DELSTAR AG SERVICES                        West Texas and Eastern New Mexico area Crop Consulting Service; ViTech products distributor; ViTech technical partner and business associate.

O’MACY AG SERVICES                          West-Central Arizona based agri service company serving Arizona and California and a distributor of ViTech Products.


THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE           Excellent source for general reference and research information. Links to other good sites.

PROGRESSIVE HAYGROWER / DAIRYMAN  Trade publication associated with the hay growing and dairy industries. Good source of industry information.

CBX PRODUCTS                                     Water saving plant nutrition products for the turf grass industry; bio-remediation products for the wastewater treatment industry.

GREAT BASIN HEALTHY SOILS          Western states irrigation equipment company supplementing their services as a ViTech Products Distributor.

AG SERVICES                                     Arizona based crop consulting company and ViTech Products Distributor.

MODERN AG PRODUCTS                     Eastern Washington based crop nutrition company and ViTech technology collaboration partner.

WOODBURY ASSOCIATES                 Western Arizona based crop consultants also serving Southern Utah and Nevada, and a distributor of ViTech Products.

HAWKINS AG SERVICE                          South Central Arizona based applicator service and dealer of ViTech Products.

ELLSWORTH CONSULTING                   Central Utah based Soil Health and Plant Growth Consulting service. ViTech technical partner and business associate.


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ViTech Industries, Inc.   P.O. Box 604   Maricopa, Az    85139    520-568-4313   Email:  contact@vitech1.com