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Contacts Information

AG SERVICES (web site)                                                                        Arizona based crop consulting company and ViTech Products Distributor.

  • Phone:     480-980-5250
  • Fax:         480-380-1775
  • e-mail:     stan@agserve1.com   

CBX PRODUCTS (web site)                                                              Water saving plant nutrition products for the turf grass industry; bio-remediation products for the wastewater treatment industry.

COMPUTERIZED FARMING                                                       Eastern Idaho based full service crop production service and a distributor of ViTech Products.

  • Phone:     208-356-9212
  • Fax:         208-356-9281

DELSTAR AG SERVICES                                                            WestTexas & Eastern New Mexico area Crop Consulting Service; ViTech products distributor; ViTech technical partner and business associate.

  • Phone:     806-790-5789     

DUNKLE SEED COMPANY                                                          South Central Washington based seed company and crop consulting service; ViTech Products dealer.

  • Phone:     509-837-5105
  • Mobile:     509-840-2804

ELLSWORTH CONSULTING                                                       Central Utah based Soil Health and Plant Growth Consulting service. ViTech technical partner and business associate.

  • Phone:      888-568-4413

GREAT BASIN HEALTHY SOILS  (web site)                                              Western states irrigation equipment company supplementing their services as a ViTech Products Distributor.

  • Phone:     775-560-5848
  • Fax:         775-289-8333

HAWKINS AG SERVICE                                                              South Central Arizona based applicator service and dealer of ViTech Products.

  • Phone:     520-836-6194
  • Mobil:       520-560-2345

MODERN AG PRODUCTS                                                         Eastern Washington based crop nutrition company and ViTech technology collaboration partner.

  • Phone:     509-547-3163
  • Mobile:     509-539-1275
  • Fax:         509-545-6508
  • e-mail:      map@modernagproductsllc.com

O’MACY AG SERVICES                                                               West-Central Arizona based agri service company serving Arizona and California and a distributor of ViTech Products.

  • Phone:     602-501-9427
  • e-mail:    

WOODBURY ASSOCIATES                                                      Western Arizona based crop consultants also serving Southern Utah and Nevada, and a distributor of ViTech Products.

  • Phone:     760-885-9180


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