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Finishing the Job

Using ViTech ViFinisher to finalize the Production Season

By Robert L. Ellsworth, Ph.D.

As producers, you labor all year for the culmination of the cropping year.  As soon as harvest is completed, the process begins again. We sometimes forget, however, that final push needed to improve the tonnage and quality of produce to be gathered. The final push can be described as “finishing”.

One final step:

To improve quality, it is necessary to to all that can be done to cause the protein, sugar, and starch to move from the leaves into the “fruit”. As the plant matures the fruit, at least two hormones begin to change positions of dominance in the plant. These act in relationship to each other and to many other plant growth regulators in different ways at alternating times in the plant growth cycle. As maturation begins, Absisic Acid (ABA) begins to dominate the current cycle of plant growth. Up to this time, growth has been controlled primarily to the dominance of Giberillic Acid (GA).  GA causes the movement of energy to the growing tips of the plant. ABA causes the energy to flow to the storage organ of the plant, be it its’ root or its’ seed. By understanding and controlling this shift, we can enhance the size and quality of the desired crop.

To enhance the maturity of crops, ViTech Industries has developed the product ViFinisher.  This product is a combination of Potassium and Boron, plus the addition of Calcium and other compounds complexed with ViTech’s proprietary carbon complexing technology. It is designed to stimulate the action of Absisic Acid on the plant. This in conjunction with proper control of Nitrogen and water, can enhance both the size and quality of the end product. By improving the quality, the sugar content of the fruits, vegetables, as well as shelf life can be increased. For grains, the size and plumpness of the “berries” is improved.  With roots crops, the rapidity of sizing and skin is improved.

ViFinisher should be applied with Calcium approximately three weeks before the desired harvest for fruits and vegetables, or dry-down for grains. It will improve your income for the year. It can be used on any crop producing seed or fruit. Benefits of ViFinisher’s use in fruiting and sizing will improve bottom-line income for the crop year.


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